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High-Quality Products and Processes

Our quality products are unmatched, eliminate odors and improve indoor air quality without toxic chemical cover - ups. All made in the U.S.A.

We are not a Franchise we have spent over a decade developing our odor removal processes. Many Maine Auto dealers use our services to treat vehicles before they are added to there lots for sale.They all know People will not purchase a smelly car, and why should they frankly. A vehicle will bring more money to any seller if its clean and odor free!

Professional Service What We Do

“What’s that smell?” Few things are as embarrassing as having a smelly car or home. When you carpool, you don’t want your poor passengers to have to breathe through their mouths for the entire ride. And when you have dinner guests, there’s nothing worse than worrying if your home’s sour aroma is going to mix with the delectable scent of the steak and ruin the meal. If you’re a landlord or real estate agent, a musty house isn’t going to inspire much confidence in prospective buyers or tenants. You don’t want unpleasant odors befouling your bottom line or your relationships. At the Odor Guys, we’ve been in the odor removal business for decades. We know how to get your home or car smelling fresh and just like the day you bought it. Bad smells, while they are embarrassing, are entirely normal and just an unfortunate side effect of life. Everyone’s car or home is going to smell at some point. Let’s face it, kids make messes, and dogs do too. And your Chinese take-out habit won’t do the curtains, drapes, or carpet any good either. So, call us. We use a top-of-line, patented odor removal product that is safe for the environment, your home, car, and family. But best of all, it’s the arch-enemy of odors everywhere. What kind of nasty smells can we eliminate from your life? • Cigarette smoke • Cooking and grease smells • Mildew and mold odors • Pet Smells • Foul trash and decomposition smells Whatever you’re dealing with, we’ve seen (and smelled) it all. Our products are safe for kids, pets, and allergy sufferers alike. Whether you’re a homeowner who wants a freshly staged house for prospective buyers, or you just want a clean smelling car, we can help. Give us a call today or fill out our online form. We’ll get back to you and eliminate what’s making your eyes water asap. Call 207-839-9111

Our Promise

We will remove all odors from your Car Truck Rv Camper or Home Never to come back ever. Our process in most cars and trucks takes less than 1.5 hrs. Campers and homes are usually complete start to finish in between 6-10 hrs depending on the cubic feet. All our work is guaranteed or we will do it again for Free No Questions. We treat Cigarette smells, Pet odors, Cooking odors, Fire odors, Mold/mildew Sewer and wet basement odors and the newest popular odors from cannabis.

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Starting The Process

After you have contacted us for your odor remediation you must remember that your vehicle must be clean of all debris. Carpets and seats must be clean as well as all ashtrays and stored items. Treating a dirty car will not respond well to our process so the cleaner it is the better the end result.


Most vehicles have whats called a "cabin filter" This filter is most ofter located behind the glove box in most vehicles. This is another odor removal filter that car makers provide us. We require this filter to be removed and or replaced before the treatment process is started. After replacement or removal will we then treat your vehicle and give you the best warranty in the business.

Treatment Time Questions CARS/TRUCKS

After Receiving Your vehicle here, or doing the treatment at your location 1.5 hrs is required to remove the odors. Extra time might be required to treat pet odors in some materials. The A/C System will also be odor removaltreated using our process removing Microbes and Pathogens traped in the duct work.

Large Vehicles/Campers and RV'S

Larger vehicles and spaces sometimes require longer treatment times. These larger spaces mught result in 3-5 hr treatments depending what the odor causing issue is.

Homes Apartments Hotel Rooms Camps

Large areas will need a treatment time of 8-10 in most cases. This will be start to finish with the last 1-2 hrs required to air out the structure and release it back to the home owner.

Substructure and Concrete Odors

Customers have questions on a regular basis about carpeted floors and concrete basement odors. No worries we treat both and have great results removing odors from this type of contamination. Sometimes the carpet must be removed to treat subfloors. We do not clean carpets or concrete, but if large depostis of contamination have soaked through carpeted or concrete surfaces direct treatment must take place. We can eliminate the odor as long as we can get to the source.

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